Local time: 07:30:39 PM - 24/11/2017
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Folk Dance Show

Bac Ha is a legend land with the rich traditional and culture of the local minority people: Tay, Mong, Dao, Nung, Phu La.... who are the owners of the special and diversified folk treasure. Bac Ha is the attractive destination with the high land markets, beautiful villages, the hospitality and lovely people. To preseve the national culture, we oftens introduced and organised the traditional folk dance show of the ethnic minorities people folllow the tourist's require such as:
1. Hat dance.
2. Bell dance.
3. A folding fan dance.
4. Harvest dance.
5. Horse - Toy dance.
6. Wine invititation dance.
7. Scarft dance.
8. Groups dance (dance with tourist together).

 If you want we will serve you at the homestay.