Local time: 12:24:13 AM - 25/03/2018
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Bac Ha Homestay

This homestay is located in Na Lo village, Ta Chai commune, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province, Viet Nam. The owner is Mr Phan Thanh Son, he is the Tay people. In this homestay they have hot water for shower, soft sleeper, blanket...etc. If you want you can have dinner & breakfast with their family or you can join the local dancing. Tay's houses which are called houses of stilts, it's made from bamboo and woods. Their houses used to be bigger than houses of other different manorities and can be 160 square meters. Roof's used to make from palm leaves to protect their houses from hard weather in this area. A roof which made from palm leaves can be used for more than 30 years.

Tay is a ethnic group who live in the valleys and planning rices on highlands for living. They use to live in groups near the sources of water. Their tranditional clothes are in light colors, all most in various colors in contrast. Tay is the most populous of the hill tribes. Because of the development and adaptation to the Vietnamese society some of them have started wearing Vietnamese clothing. But most women still wear the traditional customs.